Hearts of Harford

The main purpose of this project is to enhance the public space in and around Downtown Bel Air, provide visual appeal to the public landscape, establish Downtown Bel Air as an art destination, and honor Downtown Bel Air as the “Heart of Harford”.  The design of the sculptures are based on the heart used in the logo of the Bel Air Downtown Alliance.

Click the tabs below to learn more about each “Heart of Harford”.

Bel Air Armory Heart

Theme: Our Hometown
Artist: Bel Air High School National Art Honors Society
Sponsor: People’s Bank
Location: Bel Air Armory

Gold Medal Physical Therapy

Theme: Maryland My Maryland
Artist: Jo Houts
Sponsor: Gold Medal Physical Therapy
Location: Gold Medal Physical Therapy

Katzen Eye Heart

Theme: Kites of Bel Air
Artist: Jonathan West
Sponsor: Katzen Eye Group
Location: Katzen Eye Group

WSMT Heart

Theme: Bel Air’s Family Tree
Artist: Abby Eisner
Sponsor: WSMT Insurance
Location: 137 East Broadway

Habitat for Humanity

Theme: Home is Where the Heart is
Artist: Keri MacKinnon
Sponsor: Harford Mutual Insurance
Location: Habitat for Humanity

First National Bank

Theme: Hometown Heritage
Artist: A Bright Idea
Sponsor: First National Bank
Location: First National Bank

Hearts of Harford

Theme: Hearts of Harford
Artist: Sandy Schlehr and David Hubbard
Sponsor: Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission
Location: Bel Air Town Hall

Mary Risteau

Theme: Cultural Arts
Artist: Friends in Art Barbara Love, Robin Capecci, Alex Kopp & Sandra Norris
Sponsor: Harford County Cultural Arts Board
Location: Mary E.W. Risteau Building


Theme: A Place Where Friends are Made for Life
Artist: Amelia Grossman
Sponsor: Harford County Public Library
Location: Harford County Public Library: Bel Air


Theme: Bulldog Pride
Artist: Keri MacKinnon
Sponsor: Bel Air Elementary School
Location: Bel Air Elementary School


Theme: Heroes
Artist: Keri MacKinnon
Sponsor: Blush Floral Design
Location: Bel Air Fire Department

View More: https://jensnyder.pass.us/bada

Theme: Legacy
Artist: Michele Sauers
Sponsor: Harford Mutual Insurance Co
Location: Harford Mutual Insurance Co


Theme: Berrilicious
Artist: Pamela Wilde
Sponsor: Rockfield Manor
Location: Rockfield Manor

View More: http://jensnyder.pass.us/badaTheme: Art in the Heart of Bel Air
Artist: Alice Humphries
Sponsor: Town of Bel Air Arts and Entertainment District
Location: Shamrock Park


Theme: The Heart of Harford
Artist: Pam Burton
Sponsor: Harford County Government
Barry Glassman, County Executive
Location: Harford County Government Building

View More: http://jensnyder.pass.us/badaTheme: Ma and Pa Heritage
Artist: Kevin Small
Sponsor: Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Location: The Mill of Bel Air